Man shot dead at airport after stealing soldier's gun

A Man has been shot dead after he reportedly grabbed a soldier's gun at orly airport, France. The man was shot dead inside a shop located at the southern terminal of the airport by security operatives

The airport has been shot down and all flights has been put on hold, as serious investigations is being carried out by security operatives with bomb disposal experts also scouting for any possible accomplice.

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Reports coming out from the French media, suggests that the man was involved in a recent shooting at the north of Paris. A thorough search on the man revealed that he was not in possession of any explosives.

Officials say the man approached a group of soldiers patrolling the airport and made off with the gun into a shop.
At that point shots were fired and the man was killed. His motivation is not yet known.

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The police have warned people to stay clear of the barricade set up at airport for security reasons, as travellers have been advised to make alternative arrangements as all flights have been suspended.
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